Last Updated : September 18, 2016

Welcome to White Dragon Records!

White Dragon Records (WDR) was formed to produce the highest quality unauthorized recordings possible in a 'live' concert environment, for YOU, the fans! NONE of the releases on this site are for sale!!! DO NOT buy or sell anything that is listed here (or any other FREE fans for fans productions for that matter!).

This site was created to help spread the music of many great bands & performers that are out there. The recordings here are in no way intended to reflect against the commercially available material from any of these bands. Please support them by purchasing their releases and merchandise as well as seeing them in concert! These WDR releases are meant to be traded amongst fans in SHN, FLAC and CDR audio formats only! Please DO NOT convert these shows to MP3's (or any other lossy format) for distribution!!!

Please feel free to check out the links to the left and see the current WDR Releases. These releases are mainly sourced from master recordings by kinglerxst, with a few being from siriusjoe sourced master recordings. A separate section has been added for listings of all Sirius Records (Rush) releases that were sourced from master recording by kinglerxst. Click on the link at the bottom to goto that section.

A special thanks to Sirius Records for all their tremendous help and guidance along the way with everything, and a very special thanks to SiriusJoe for all his fantastic help with mastering these recordings as well as graciously offering some of his master recordings to be shared as WDR releases!

These pages are under construction! I will be updating and hopefully "beautifying" as possible ;) This is only a hobby for me and not a business. Thanks for checking out this site! :)

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